The first INTOSAI Strategic Plan (period 2005-2010) provided that the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) was in charge of fulfilling Strategic Goal 1: to promote strong, independent and multidisciplinary SAIs and encourage good governance by providing and maintaining international standards of SAIs, and contributing to the development and adoption of appropriate and effective professional standards. PSC worked since its creation (2004) to accomplish this mission and, in 2007, during the XIX INCOSAI, the INTOSAI framework of International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAI Framework) was established. At that occasion, the first standards and guidelines were adopted in the framework, most of which already existed. At the XX INCOSAI (2010), 37 new ISSAIs were added, and at the XXI INCOSAI (2013), the Fundamental Auditing principles were approved and came to constitute “level 3”of the current Framework.


In 2016, during the XXII INCOSAI, new standards were adopted and the Congress endorsed important innovations in INTOSAI standard setting. One of the latter was the approval of a project to revise the ISSAI framework. It will go through a series of changes “to improve the credibility of INTOSAI’s professional pronouncements, assist in making them an authoritative framework for public sector auditing and enhance their technical quality” (revision project).


The new framework will be called “INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncements (IFPP)” and will be structured in three parts or three groups of documents:


- INTOSAI Principles (INTOSAI-P);

- International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAIs); and

- INTOSAI guidance (GUID).


The revision project should be completed by the end of 2019, when it is expected that the XXIII INCOSAI approve the new framework. The migration process from the present framework to the new one is a task that is being jointly developed by the PSC, CBC, KSC, their subcommittees, working groups and the recently created Forum for INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements (FIPP).


The revision, as well as other projects to be carried out by the INTOSAI standard setting bodies in the next three years, is included in the Strategic Development Plan for the INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncements (SDP) 2017-2019. The SDP is a planning instrument also created at the XXII INCOSAI. It provides the general strategy and overall working plan for the development of INTOSAI principles, standards and guidance in the period, that is, for the development of the framework content.