Are you an expert on INTOSAI Pronouncements?

How well do you know your ISSAIs?

IFPP documents are the formal and authoritative announcements or declarations of the INTOSAI
Community on public audit matters.

The IFPP consists of:
• INTOSAI-P: High level principles that specify the role of Supreme Audit Institutions in society
and the prerequisites for their functioning
• ISSAIs: Authoritative international Standards for public sector auditing, containing mandatory
requirements; and
• GUIDs: Guidance on how to apply the standards

The IFPP promotes profissionalism and excellence in the application of public audit methodology,
inspiring SAIs to function in the public interest and work effectively.

You can now download an activity book based on the pronouncements that are part of the IFPP.
You can access all pronouncements, learn more about the IFPP and follow the development of new
pronouncements on the website for help in solving the activities.

INTOSAI Standards Activity book