GUID - 5201 - Environmental Auditing in The Context of Financial and Compliance Audits

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The guide illustrates the possibilities for conducting audits with an environmental focus using a financial and compliance framework.

During an audit of financial statements, environmental issues may include the following:

– initiatives to prevent, abate or remedy damage to the environment;
– the conservation of renewable and non-renewable resources;
– the consequences of violating environmental laws and regulations and;
– the consequences of vicarious liability imposed by the state.

Compliance auditing with regard to environmental issues may relate to providing assurance that governmental activities are conducted in accordance with relevant environmental laws, standards and policies, both at national and international level.

The Annex provides questions and guidance notes that might prompt possible dimensions of environmental audits.

IFPP Category

INTOSAI Guidance


  • Approved as as INTOSAI document entitled Environamental Audit and Regularity Audit in 2004
  • Incorporated in the ISSAI Framework as ISSAI 5120 in 2010
  • Content revised in 2016
  • With the establishment of the INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncements (IFPP), renamed and relabeled as GUID 5201 – Environmental Auditing in the Context of Financial and Compliance Audits with editorial changes in 2019