Technical Support Function of PSC is now Operational

The idea behind an INTOSAI TSF arose from one of the strategic objectives for Goal 1 (Professional Standards) in the INTOSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2022. This was to provide a strong organisational framework to support INTOSAI and to offer high-quality technical support services to INTOSAI standard setting activities.

The Technical Support Function has been operational since March 2020.  It is currently composed of 3 Members namely, George Haule, Adrian Gogolan and Amnon Mwasakatili. Adrian joined the TSF in May 2021 following the retirement of Mr. Matti Mattila from SAI Finland. In the discharge of its functions, TSF reports directly to the PSC secretariat who is responsible for directing and supervising the TSF’s day-to-day operations.

Roles and Responsibilities of the TSF

The Technical Support Function has three main roles and responsibilities. These are to:

  1. Take part in the implementation of Strategic Development Plan and Projects;
  2. Conduct research and technical analysis on various issues related to updating or further developing principles, standards or guidance within the INTOSAI Framework for Professional Pronouncement (IFPP); and
  3. Assist on the dissemination of information to members of INTOSAI.

In discharging these roles and responsibilities, the TSF carries out a number of activities.  Under research and technical analysis the following are performed, analysis of the Framework; preparing draft proposals; providing language proficiency; and preparing calls for expression. In assisting on the dissemination of information, the following are performed, collecting information that can help the PSC organize discussions with the FIPP and other stakeholders; and assisting in the information to be uploaded to the website of the PSC.

Activities that have been performed by the TSF

The main activities performed so far include :

  • Contribution to the project proposals on the:
  1. Initial analysis for the improved pronouncements on the audit of fraud, corruption and other irregularities;
  2. Guidance on combined audits; and
  3. Initial analysis on the revision of ISSAI 140 – Quality Control for SAIs (On-going).
  • Provide comments on Draft GUIDs. The following GUIDs were commented on:
  1. GUID on the audit of public-private partnerships (PPP)
  2. GUID 5160 – guidance on using the work of internal auditors
  • Participate in a number of technical meetings organized by the PSC and the FIPP. During those meetings, the TSF was given the opportunity to present and share its work.


The TSF is an INTOSAI-wide resource for technical support and analysis, and has gone from strength-to-strength since its beginnings. The main benefit of establishing the TSF is to help make the standard setting process more efficient and effective, and enable better planning and use of resources. By making dedicated staff available to work on standard setting activities, the TSF will reduce reliance on voluntary contributions from SAIs, and allow these resources to focus where they can best add value.